Tlapan Golf México Project for Girls Empowerment – Maryville Noonday Club – 25 Oct 2023

Tlapan Golf México Project for Girls Empowerment – Maryville Noonday Club – 25 Oct 2023

Past President Patty Wills of the Tlalpan Golf Rotary Club in Mexico will present the concepts and processes that went into their project for Girls Empowerment through story telling.

“The project objective is to create stories, fiction or nonfiction, written like children´s books, that send the message to all readers of the value that girls have as persons and as such, they must be respected and learn to respect themselves. We will do this with characters and places that reflect the culture in Mexico, so that children may see people like them in the stories.

The process of empowering a person, community, or social group requires developing tools that will enablethem to improve and create positive changes in their environment. With the stories, we will help the children, and adults, see the different experiences where they may develop these tools. Empowering girls will transform their lives and, in the future, will transform the lives of their families, communities and society in general. This transformation will in turn generate better economic development for society.”

The club has recently completed and published the first of several books that are planned for girls of various age groups. Our District 6780 clubs, led by Maryville and Pigeon Forge, were the sponsors of the publication costs for the first book.

The Tlalpan Golf club is a long-time partner with Heart 2 Heart and our district clubs. The club is involved in several on-going community projects, including a global grant for community economic development in two indigenous communities (which will be visited by the Heart 2 Heart team next month) and starting a pre-school with some financial support from a Rotary Foundation Special Initiatives Grant that was sponsored by our district. If time permits, Patty may add a few comments about some of these projects.

Inspiration: Mary Thompson; Pledge/Four Way: Tonya Green; Fellowship: Jerry Faulkner; Zoom: Bob Beasley

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