Purple Pinkie Day, Rotary and Dunkin’ Donuts

Purple Pinkie Day, Rotary and Dunkin’ Donuts

In celebration of World Polio Day October 24 Rotary and Dunkin’ Donuts partner to End Polio Now! with the Purple Pinkie Donut Day fundraiser. On October 20 each Dunkin’ Donuts location will offer special Purple Pinkie donuts.

Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 for End Polio Now! – $600,000 of that from District 6780!

This year we welcome Northern Missouri District 6040 as we expand the project to cover all of Tennessee, Alabama, Northern Mississippi, and now the Kansas City, Missouri area.

Why ‘Purple Pinkie’? In countries where the threat of polio remains high, every child under age 5 receives polio vaccine by mouth twice per year during events called “National ImmunizationDays.” When vaccinating millions of children in a short period of time it is impossible to document which child has received the vaccine, so every child vaccinated has the little finger (pinkie) nail of their left hand painted purple with marker that doesn’t wash off for about a month. Local communities recognize that children with “purple pinkies” will never get polio which is cause for great celebration.

Over time the “Purple Pinkie” has become an international symbol of a polio free world. As of September, only two cases of wild polio have been reported in 2021, compared to 102 cases by September 2020. Thanks to the work Rotary has done, supported by generous donations from people like you, we will eradicate polio!

On October 20 each Dunkin’ Donuts location will have a limited quantity of Purple Pinkie Donuts available for walk-up customers to purchase either individually or in boxes. However, to ensure an adequate supply with minimal waste, we encourage Rotarians, friends, and families to pre-order, and we’ve made that easy to do.

For every $2.50 donated to End Polio Now! through the Purple Pinkie Donut Fundraiser, participants will receive a free Purple Pinkie Donut—a glazed donut stick, topped with a dab of purple icing—as a thank you. Through generous matching funds from Rotary districts and The Gates Foundation, each $2.50 donation becomes a total donation of $18.75 to help eradicate polio.

Success of the program is driven by Rotarians who pre-order 10-count boxes of “Pinkies” for a $25 donation, generating $187.50 in donations per box! In the first three years, the Purple Pinkie Donut Project has generated more than $2,000,000 in donations to End Polio Now! Our goal for 2021 is to raise another million.

The Purple Pinkie Donut Project Pre-Orders will be accepted through Wednesday, October 13. Your club may submit a bulk order, or you may place your own order at www.purplepinkies.org. For every $25 donation, you will receive one box of 10 purple pinkie donuts and, thanks to all the matching funds, $187.50 will be donated to End Polio Now! Watch your donation multiply by a factor of 7.5 and make a huge impact in the fight to eradicate polio.

To receive Paul Harris credit for your donation, include the name of your club and your Rotary ID number with your order. You can find your ID number on the address label of your Rotarian magazine.

Your Club President had additional ordering and reporting information, or you may submit questions to purplepinkies@bluemontgroup.net.

Want to contribute but don’t want donuts? Rotary has created a new platform called Raise for Rotary where anyone can donate (even non-Rotarians). Use the email address where you receive Rotary communications to receive Paul Harris credit and include your Club and District in the comments of your donations. You may also mail a check payable to The Rotary Foundation to Bluemont Group, ATTN Purple Pinkies, PO Box 32675, Knoxville, TN 37930. (Do not mail directly to The Rotary Foundation.)

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