Method of Electing Members to the Club

Any active member of this club may propose a new member by submitting the proposed member’s name and qualifications on forms approved by the Board.

The proposal is submitted to the Board in writing, through the club Secretary and/or Membership Committee. A transferring or former member of another club may be proposed to active membership by the former club as provided in the Rotary International Bylaws.

The Board will ensure that the proposed member meets all the classification and membership requirements as set forth in the Standard Rotary Club Constitution.

The Board will send notice of the proposal to the membership via email including a brief statement of qualifications of the proposed member.

The Board will approve or disapprove the proposal within 30 days of its submission and will notify the proposer of its decision.

If the decision of the Board is favorable, the proposed member will be considered to be elected to membership and induction arranged as soon as possible. The Secretary will promptly report the new member information to Rotary International.

Orientation: As soon after election into membership as possible, the prospective member will be informed of the purposes of Rotary and of the privileges and responsibilities of membership.