Ken Veal, Osborn Parnes Creative Problem Solving System – Noonday Club Speaker – 21 September 2022

Ken Veal, Osborn Parnes Creative Problem Solving System – Noonday Club Speaker – 21 September 2022


Ken Veal will share an overview of the Osborne Parnes Creative Problem Solving System (CPS). The Osborn Parnes CPS process is a structured way to generate creative and innovative ways to address problems.

Ken Veal is an ordained minister with over 45 years of active employment in professional leadership. He retired to Tennessee in 2010. After a few years of local church leadership, he assumed duties as a state executive youth director responsible for state-wide youth, family life, and other department responsibilities. He has been a camp director for 15 years along with state duties. Ken has presented numerous seminars on motivation, leadership, and various ministry areas throughout North America, in Canada, and overseas. He has been a frequent speaker at international family-life conventions and The American Camping Association events. He has B.A and M.A degrees and post-graduate professional attainment certificates from Indiana and New York State universities plus numerous other learning certificates. He has received three (3) “Who’s Who” awards, and numerous national and professional achievement awards from various sources. In retirement he has been active with the American Camping Association as a camp accreditation visitor to 35 camps in 10 states, and President of the Tennessee Rose Society for two years. He has numerous published writings. With special life-time interests in innovation and creativity, Ken offers a variety of workshops for innovation success.

Inspiration: Sarah Jurinsky; Pledge/Four Way: Jim Shambliln; Fellowship: Mike Gallagher; Zoom: Mary Thompson

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