Rotary Club of Maryville

Gala and Auction

Friday, February 9, 2018

Capitol Theater, 6:00 PM


   ITEM SOLICITED BY ROTARIAN:                          



DESCRIPTION OF ITEM (type or print - give complete details or attach a separate page.   If the item is a dinner, cabin stay, boat ride, cookout, or the like, please give number of people and dates available):








Use back of this form if necessary.

Please use a separate form for each unique donation or set of donations.


Value:  _______________________________________________


Minimum Bid, if required: _______________________________


Name of Donor and Company, if applicable: ____________________________________


Address: ________________________________________________________________



               City                                                            State                            Zip Code


Phone: __________________________                     Fax: ___________________________




 Donor Authorization:




Our Foundation is 501.C3.  Tax Id #26-2766277


Note: This form must be received by January 20 to guarantee your full promotional benefits. All items must be received by February 5 to be included in the auction.  Questions contact Suzie Cutshaw.

                        E-mail:    Phone:  865-406-9089

*Drop items to K.C. Williams @ the Blount County Library