Rotary Club of Maryville

                        Gala and Auction

                                Friday, February 9, 2018

                         Capitol Theater, 6:00 PM


                                           Name of Sponsor Organization or Individual

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Type of Sponsorship


Platinum - $1000       _______


Gold - $500                _______


Silver - $250               ­­­_______­­­­­­­­­


Bronze -$125              _______

Note:  Sponsorships include tickets to the event as well as prominence of the sponsor name and logo, if applicable, in auction related materials. Sponsors will also be recognized at the event.  Platinum sponsors receive 8 event tickets; gold, 6; silver, 4; and bronze, 2.


Name to be used for sponsorship promotion: ________________________________________


Address: ________________________________


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Payment method:


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Note: This form must be received by January 20 to guarantee your full promotional benefits.


P.O. Box 4726

Maryville, Tennessee 37802



We have a 501c.3Tax exempt Foundation.  Maryville Rotary Foundation  ID# 26-2766277

Please contact Suzie Cutshaw at suzcutshaw@gmail.com or 865-406-9089 with any questions.