Club Administration

Club Service is one of the five avenues of service and focuses on strengthening fellowship and ensuring the effective functioning of The Rotary Club of Maryville-Alcoa.

Will Ludwig, Director of Club Service
Maryville Rotary Club
P.O. Box 4726
Maryville,TN 37802

Club Service supports the regular weekly meetings of the Maryville-Alcoa Rotary Club.

Newsletter – Bob Beasley publishes the newsletter weekly to the club website. A copy is also emailed to all memebers. 

Facilities – K.C. Williams is the contact person on Facilities. She interfaces with our hosts about arrangements and the meals.


Programs -- Chris Brinley coordinates and supports the monthy program hosts. Rotarians sign up to host progams during the year. Usually an individual hosts the programs for a month at a time. The Rotarian then secures programs for the Tuesdays of his/her month. Individuals or groups who desire to provide a program should contact He will then forward that information to upcoming hosts. Programs are 20-30 minutes and are meant to inform Rotarians. They are not to be used to solicit business, raise funds, or promote political action.

Weekly Duties at Meetings -- Members sign up to lead small portions of the regular Tuesday meetings. These include (1) offering the invocation, (2) leading the pledge of allegiance, and (3) leading Rotary's Four Way Test. Another part of every meeting, Fellowship, is currently assigned to each member in a rotatation. Assigned Rotarians bring something to share and collect "happy dollars" from those at the meeting. Giving happy dollars is a time to share something personal or vocation-related. The dollars are given to the Rotary Foundation.

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